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V3132R-873F-2 600/700/800 2-cyl med Insprutning


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  • Tillverkad av: Mototassinari

2-cylindriga 600/700/800

Motorer med insprutning.

Polaris 600/700/800 CleanFire Injection (HO CFI)

Model Years:

Moto Tassinari introduces the new VForce3R for the Polaris Twin 600/700/800 CleanFire Injection (HO CFI) engines. The VForce3R was designed, developed and tested in close conjunction with Polaris Industries to ensure the very best in both performance and reliability. Unique to the VForce3R is the rubber over-molding on the reed tip surfaces of the reed cage. This allows the use of an ultra responsive reed petal, while also drastically enhancing reed petal life.









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