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V3127-873A-2 Ski-Doo 600HO E-TEC motorer


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  • Tillverkad av: Mototassinari

Moto Tassinari har utvecklat ett helt nytt VForce3 reedventil system för Ski-Doo 600HO E-TEC motorer.

"Moto Tassinari has created a new reed valve system for Ski-Doo's direct-injected 600 E-TEC engines. The V3127-873A-2 reed system is a true bolt-on for race-like performance and durability. It features a custom designed air guide and manifold boot to ensure better performance. The system offers significant power gains over stock and conventional reed cages due to a unique design that doubles the effective reed tip area. This allows the reed petals to travel half the distance that they would on a standard valve. The system's reed tip shape accelerates the air mixture, ensuring increased airflow. The design cuts the need for screws, so when you do need to replace your worn reeds the job is a SNAP!"

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